Here’s just about everything I have blogged over the years, from 2002 when my first blog was the to postings on,, and

Little known fact: You can access some of the best bits from The Perot Periodical, a quarterly newsletter that I created and ran from 1993-1997 here

Older pre-Internet writings in places like The Nation, Salon, the Village Voice and the New York Times are best found by searching those sites.

These archives run up through 2022. All my personal writing since then appears on my Substack page, so go to to find those posts.

Latest writing:

The President Has No Clothes!

Who are you going to believe, me or your lying eyes? If you watched the presidential debate, you know what you saw. Read more

The Road Not Taken: Hard Truths about Jamaal Bowman’s Loss

Don't blame AIPAC. Political malpractice by the incumbent plus bad advice and self-delusion from national groups did him in. Read more

The Empire Strikes Back: Latimer v Bowman Goes Down to the Wire

A last look at the Democratic primary in my home district as the political circus really comes to town. Read more